What we do

When it comes to window assortment, we are ahead of the pack. Installation of your windshield is done by our team, no booking needed. We do it immediately and while you’re present.

Vehicle service

Not sure if you need to do big or small service? Bring your vehicle to our service, we will be happy to assist you.


Optics, ironing, geometry, centering the ladder, we allow the wheels to properly fit the pads in at every opportunity. This procedure directly affects handling, comfort and keeping the vehicle on the road.


Diagnostics are done by the diagnostic device connects to the computer from the vehicle. This service enables checking the overall technical condition of the vehicle, including comparison of vehicle parameters with ideal parameters.

Charging air conditioning

In our service we offer full service vehicle air conditioning, as well as filling and vacuuming services air conditioning. Air conditioning in the vehicle at the same time, it is also a concern for your health and that of your passengers

Tire service

Unfortunately, many drivers do not take the importance seriously tire on the ride. Visit us and see ours kindness, professionalism and a very good offer

Tires for sale

The only connection between the driver and the road is the tire. As much as your vehicle is technically superior and has it all safety systems without a good tire performance cannot and will not come to the fore.

Polishing vehicles and headlights

Don't buy new headlights. With a new, innovative headlight polishing process, we restore the transparency of your lights.

Car wash

It's time for a good professional treatment, because car washing is not just washing, there is of course protection of the body against adverse weather conditions


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